Our Mission

It’s Still Tobacco is a grassroots advocacy group whose mission is to protect every person in the UK from the harms of an unregulated shisha tobacco industry. We aim to do this by becoming an authoritative source of shisha tobacco information and by advocating for stronger implementation of tobacco laws on the shisha industry.

What we do

We take information and data from online news reports and from local authorities, and make sense of them through an evidence-based analysis. We present our results to local authorities, Stop Smoking Services, and other relevant organisations to ensure they are well-supported and continue to place shisha tobacco on the public health agenda.

Who we are

We are a group of passionate and young community members with expertise ranging from medicine, public health, marketing, and law. We are ethnically diverse and many of us grew up in communities where shisha tobacco was and still is extremely common. Most of us are based in London. We are all volunteers.


We are independent, evidence-based, collaborative, ethical, and transparent. Our values inform our work to protect the health of children, the environment, and public health.



We are funded by community grants from the Big Lottery Fund and the Co-op Local Community Fund. We spent our grants on website and project development, printing materials, and resources. We declare no conflicts of interest and have no ties to the tobacco industry.