Accurately fact-check literature

We can cross-reference documents such as leaflets, posters, and reports with the latest peer-reviewed literature to help ensure your facts and messages on shisha tobacco are accurate, up-to-date and correctly cited.

Provide information and data

We conduct daily news surveillance on any shisha related articles in the UK, and synthesise our information into yearly reports. We perform annual shisha industry surveillance and routinely publish our findings.

Support health awareness campaigns

We design our own freely-available health promotion material and have worked alongside communications and marketing teams in local authorities to develop tailored health awareness messages to targeted audiences. 

Training and development

We aim to share our knowledge and expertise with the world. We have presented at the International Conference on Waterpipe Tobacco, the London Tobacco Control Network Meeting, the Trading Standards and Public Health Illegal Tobacco Meeting, and others. We are able to train pharmacists, Stop Smoking practitioners, and General Practitioners in understanding the latest evidence on shisha tobacco.


Our team offers a wealth of knowledge on shisha tobacco policies and regulations. We can provide a specialised service which includes surveillance of the shisha tobacco industry, evaluating shisha interventions and policies, and conducting prevalence surveys and focus groups.